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A family-owned company in the third generation

A family-owned company in the third generation

Since its founding in 1969, Zanuso has developed from a regional dealer into a globally acting trading house for rolling bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, rollers and bearing housings. Its success has been decisively influenced by the commitment of the owners’ family across three generations as well as by the active contribution of the entire Zanuso team.

More than 40 years of success

On April 1 opening of our branch office East Westphalia / Lippe in Lage.
On 1 August, Jörg Eichhorn assumes responsibility for the family-owned company in the third generation as sole manager. His mother leaves the management.
Jörg Eichhorn becomes second manager to support his mother, Elfriede.
Certification of the work processes according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Jörg Eichhorn becomes shareholder with procuration at Zanuso.
Claudia Eichhorn enters the company.
Elfriede Zanuso enters Zanuso as managing shareholder at the side of her husband Manrico.
After the death of Palmiro Zanuso, his son Manrico assumes management and renames the partnership into Zanuso Kugellager GmbH.
Palmiro Zanuso founds the company Zanuso.
Familienunternehmen Palmiro Zanuso

Palmiro Zanuso

Familienunternehmen Manrico Zanuso

Manrico Zanuso

Familienunternehmen Elfriede von Lüdinghausen "vormals Zanuso"

Elfriede von Lüdinghausen “vormals Zanuso”

Familienunternehmen Jörg Eichhorn

Jörg Eichhorn